Moontime, another way of saying Menstruation,  is a very natural and normal thing. The word “menstruation” stems from ‘men’ which means Moon referring to the connection of the cycle to that of the moon. Since the dawn of humanity,  humans understood that women have a connection with the moon, visible through the monthly cycle. On average, there are 13 moons in a year, and  women bleed (normally) also 13 times a year. In our current society most have forgotten about this connection. Although the Moon, the Goddess and this knowledge is reawakening! 

Live with your flow

In an ideal world women can live with their cycles, instead of being slaves to them. Like the moon flows from dark moon to full moon back to dark, so does the fe-male’s energy eb and flow. Although your cycle doesn’t necessarily align with the full and dark moon, it will still have a connection to it. This connection will empower if you give it more space. Rest at (your) dark moon (moontime) and go out and enjoy yourself during (your) full moon (ovulation).
We need this softer, more feminine approach. Allowing ourselves, and our blood, to flow freely is fundamental in restoring womanhood to its original power. 

Dous offers producst that assist you in this process

Moon.pads; Reusable hygiene pads. No plugging and disturbing your natural flow causing cramps and other discomforts. No chemicals. No waste. No sweat shops. 
Handmade with love for your womb and cycle. Softness and care are key.