Tea for the change of seasons

Based on sweet Linden and Thyme

Drink this tea daily during the change of seasons or for the whole autumn and winter period. These plant allies will help keep your respiratory system protected from unwanted bacteria and keep you healthy. 

Add Linden

Works as a demulcant on your throat and lungs. 
Especially good when you have adry cough. 

Add Thyme

Works to keep your respiratory system open and protects you from unwanted bacteria. 

Add Lemons

They provide lovely Vitamin C. 
Much needed in windy automn or cold winter! 

Add Honey

Helps soothing coughs or overall care for the throath. And ofcourse gives the tea a lovely sweet taste. 

Add warm Water

Add warm water, no full boil so you don’t burn your tea leaves. 
Let sit for 15-30min


You can drink it at home or take with you in a reuasable cup so the tea will keep you warm on the road.