Episode 2

Cyclical Business & heart-felt action/rest with Juliet Lippman

In this episode we speak with Juliet Lippman, a high level business development mentor and launch doula for devoted fempreneurs. Juliet specializes in soul strategy, clarity and pleasure with love at the center of all of her teachings. 

In this episode she talks about 

  • Cyclical Soul Business: How you can surrender to the natural rhythms of your body to show up as your full intuitive self in your business.

  • Breaking the chains of a linear 9 – 5 job through paving your own path from the inside out.

  • Listening to your body & keeping your root safe so you can fully open your heart in your relationships and soul’s work.

  • And much more deliciousness


Connect with Juliet:

Website: www.julietlippman.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/julietlippman/

Let’s get Juicy podcast: https://www.julietlippman.com/basic-01

Listen to the episode here:
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