Episode 5

People powered reforestation with Eoghan Connaughton

In this episode we speak with Eoghan Connaughton from the Gaelic Woodland Project.  

Eoghan is a Masters student of Environmental Science researching fungi as a bioherbicide. He is also a post graduate of environmental protection and founder of the Gaelic Woodland Project: a charity run by volunteers who share a desire to heal the wounds of history through empowerment, stewardship and gardening. 

In this conversation we speak about the importance of community and how to care for the indigenous plant species & the forests of your land. 

Topics that come up are: 

  • Tending the indigenous biodiversity of the land you live on

  • The choice to stay in the city and create the nature you are yearning for.

  • Breaking through the myth of the “strong independent person” and calling in support from the people around you

  • How working together in a community is essential to undertake these enormous tasks of nature healing and/or replanting old growth forests.
  • And more…

Connect with Eoghan & the Gaelic Woodland Project: 

Website: https://gaelicwoodlandproject.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/gaelicwoodlandproject/

Donate to the Gealic Woodland Project: https://gaelicwoodlandproject.com/donate/

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