Episode 5

On the harm of hormonal contraceptives and returning to your natural cycle with Rona Mirimi

In this episode we speak with Rona Mirimi, a Fertility Awareness Educator. She teaches couples and individuals how to track & chart their cycles. Supports women who are breastfeeding or who have PCOS and other conditions. Holds mother & daughter circles to introduce them to their beautiful body and the menstrual cycle. And she also helps people find the best menstrual cup to suit their bodies & lifestyles, along with cloth pads, yoni steams and more.

Topics that come up are: 

  • What the fertility awareness method is, and how you can listen to the signs of your body – not from fear of pregnancy but from curiosity and loving your uniqueness.

  • Rona shares vulnerably about her miscarriages and how she used them as an opportunity to heal her motherline.


  • Cutting through the distortion of “the pill as the magical solution”, and shedding light on the serious harm that hormonal contraceptives bring to the female body.


  • And more… 
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