Episode 7

Returning to the Ancient Celtic Mystery ways and Restoring the innocence of the Descent with Alize Lily

In this episode we speak with Alize Lily, a guide for the Sacred Feminine Arts, Retreat Facilitator and Priestess of the Celtic Rose lineage, specializing in the feminine left-hand path. She is also the founder of the Celtic Rose Mystery School, where she helps students from all over the world establish a connection to the sacred feminine, priestess path and western mysteries. 

Topics that come up are: 

  • The left-hand path of the feminine: Coming back to your womb & the earth

  • Diving deep in the Samhain portal of the Celtic Wheel of the Year; How to align with the cyclical motions of nature around us.

  • Restoring innocence to Death and the Descent. Where our current society fears death above all, the ancient mystery schools teach us that Death is just a portal to Resurrection…

  • Search for the lost feminine, the lost mysteries & returning to the ways of the Ancients, our Ancestors.

  • And more… 


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