About me

Hi, I’m Sarah Dousselaere 


I’m a Priestess of the Avalon Rose Lineage, Cyclical Living mentor, herborist, massage therapist, keeper of the Womb & Moon Mysteries & founder of the Wild Rose Mystery School.

It is my mission to assist women in coming back to their natural pace through following the cyclical rhythms of their body and nature around them.
I’ve seen it time and time again, doing so opens them to their deepest layers and empowers them to live a life rooted in pleasure and soul-purpose.

I deeply believe that women who live in deep connection with their feminine body and soul, co-create Heaven on EarthAnd let’s be honest, who does not want to live in the Garden of Eden? 

What is a Priestess and a Keeper of Moon/Womb mysteries?

A Priestess can be many things, so every Priestess will answer this question a bit differently. If you ask me, I say that a Priestess is a female spiritual leader


As a Priestess I live my life in devotion to the Goddess who is embodied in the Earth and every life form. I consciously walk the spiraling path of Life, Death and Rebirth and feel the deep intuitive pull to work with others on restructuring the death/descent portal. 

All my teachings are founded on the natural motions of Descent and Ascent, and have a big focus on restructuring the sanctity of the Descent.
These motions can be found in the seasons, the moon phases, the planets, the stars, ànd the female body through the menstrual cycle (even until after menopause). 

Death in today’s society is feared, however it is a necessary part of life. I personally strongly believe that if humanity would have a better relationship to death and letting go, we would not have mountains and mountains of waste. All these things are linked, and so as I assist you in restructuring your own relationship with death and letting go, so does humanity and the earth restructure & heal.

This brings us to the Moon & Womb mysteries; These ancient mysteries teach us about how we can live with the menstrual cycle as a tool for self-love & self-knowledge. 

I’ve been walking the path of living with the menstrual cycle as a tool for self-love for almost a decade now. And I’ve been initiated, multiple times, as a Keeper of these mysteries, so it is with the greatest passion and deepest devotion that I teach these mysteries in the Wild Rose Mystery School, now. 


Listen to the Cyclical Living podcast episode where I speak about the Moon & Womb mysteries 

I’m a fan of bridging the best of both worlds, so although my work is highly spiritual it is also grounded in left-brain scientific research, studies & training programs.

Studies & trainings

I trained with the Wellness Academy for Relaxation massage, and Anatomy, pathology & physiology. This makes me a massage therapist, rather than a massage worker. 

Aside from the relaxation massage I have trained in specific womb healing massage techniques, although this was the wise woman way so I do not have a specific certificate for this (yet). 

I studied Social Cultural Work in Artevelde University. I had internships for four years alongside my studies, so I gained not only mental knowledge but also practical experience on working with people and groups. 
In this three year study I’ve also learned about coaching and how to support individuals from an empowering approach.  

I trained with Annabel Du Boulay from the Avalon Rose Chapel®, and was officially initiated as a Priestess of the Avalon Rose lineage. Furthermore I have trained as an Avalon Rose Chapel® practitioner, and will soon offer amazing gifts under this deep and powerful chapel.

I trained with Moving Inside about holistically living with the menstrual cycle. Mieke from Moving Inside is a TCM facilitator and trained with Seren & Azra Bertrand and is a Moon Mother® Level 3 with Miranda Gray. 

I trained with the Gaia School of Healing. In the year of Gaia program I learned about the Wise Woman way of Herbalism. This is connecting with the plants as sentient beings and inviting them into our body and life in a holistic way.

I trained with Elsa Field in her training Priestess of Sacred Sound. There I learned how to work with the voice of women, how to alchemise discomfort through the body and work with Sacred Sound for healing and transformation. 

My love, after working with me you will feel the depths of pleasure that your cyclical body holds. 

I went from hating my female body into revering it as a Temple of the Goddess 

Read my story below or listen to it on the Feminine Power podcast

As a child, 7 y/o, I first learned about the female reproductive system through my mothers ovarian cancer. One year later she died…
So this is the tragic way my little self learned about womb, ovaries, menstruation and even how childbirth works. 


When I was a teenager and first started bleeding, I didn’t have a woman present to tell me how to take care of myself. So I was left with the – unhelpful and severely damaging –  teenage magazines, to educate me. I quickly learned that menstruation is a dirty thing, and we need to use tampons asap, cause otherwise people might smell us and think we are disgusting. When I had menstrual cramps and headaches the doctors didn’t offer me any helpful advice. And like many other young women, I was put on the pill ‘because that’s the way it goes’ without being explained all the negative side effects this has (and there are many!) 


Needless to say I didn’t love my feminine body.
I actually wanted to be a boy, maybe you can relate?

In 2014 I somehow managed to start turning this story around. I sought out women who could tell me different stories, who could show me that being in a feminine body does not only mean suffering, but it can be pleasurable, even. 
In 2016 I had my big shift. I was invited by a dear friend to participate in a weekend “Wild Women”. 

In that space, I fully remembered the magic of being a woman: that I have been gifted the body of a creatrix, one who could hold life and use this creative, sensual, energy for anything she desired; projects, relationships, and so on… 

That weekend started my (life)long journey into the world of true femininity. I realized I could never have done it alone and this is why I chose to share my wisdom with every woman who wants to reclaim her cyclical power today. 

Do you desire to work with me?
Send me a message on IG (@dous.sarah) or book a complementary call to see how I may serve you.