Hi, I’m Sarah

It is my mission to reconnect women to their cyclical nature, so that they can be lifted to new heights of pleasure, softness, rest and soul-based action! 

What makes me unique?

In all my work I blend three aspects of myself: 

Science Nerd

I Spend multiple hours daily researching the latest science on the female body. My knowledge is vast, wide and devoted to making women feel supported by their unique bodies!  

 Eco Woman

I blend the ancient archetype of the Wise Woman with the modern day Eco-activist through bringing back ancient herbal healing to the daily lives of modern women. 

Pleasure Priestess

The female body is made for pleasure, truly it is! My life’s journey is all about expanding the capacity to receive and give pleasure. In my teachings pleasure is always at the core! 

Dear lady, I hope you feel blessed for your cyclical body, because it is your greatest tool for self-knowledge and self-love!  

Read my transformational journey from hating being born in a female body into revering it as a Temple of the Goddess!

As a child, 7 y/o, I first learned about the female reproductive system through my mothers ovarian cancer. One year later she died…
So this is the tragic way my little self learned about womb, ovaries, menstruation and even how childbirth works.

When I was a teenager and first started bleeding, I didn’t have a woman present to tell me how to take care of myself. So I was left with the – unhelpful and severely damaging –  teenage magazines, to educate me. I quickly learned that menstruation is a dirty thing, and we need to use tampons asap, cause otherwise people might smell us and think we are disgusting. When I had menstrual cramps and headaches the doctors didn’t offer me any helpful advice. And like many other young women, I was put on the pill ‘because that’s the way it goes’ without being explained all the negative side effects this has (and there are many!) 

Needless to say I didn’t love my feminine body. I actually wanted to be a boy, maybe you can relate?

In 2016 everything changed for me. I was invited by a dear friend to participate in a weekend “Wild Women”. 

In that space, I remembered the magic of being a woman: that I have been gifted the body of a creatrix, one who could hold life and use this creative, sensual, energy for anything she desired; projects, relationships, … 

 This was my initiation into the world of true femininity, I realized I could never have done it alone and this is why I chose to share my wisdom with every woman who wants to reclaim her cyclical power. 


I have studied Social Cultural Work in the University. Throughout that those four years I’ve also worked in the field of social work.

I am an Avalon Rose Priestess in the Avalon Rose Chapel of Annabel Du Boulay.

A Herbal Medicine Woman through the Gaia School of Healing.

A bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids 

I am deeply immersed in the menstrual cycle; having trained with MovingInside and done countless of research from authors like Miranda Gray, Christian Northup, Susun Weed, Seren & Azra Bertrand, and more…

And finally I’ve done trainings about Sacred Sexuality with Aubrey Rose and Rosie Rees, who is the founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace. 


Dous Pardous

Sarah Dousselaere

Gevaerts Noord 1
8730 Beernem 

BTW: BE0766.940.990
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