You get to thrive in your body.

You get to live at a pace that feels good to you.

And by doing so, you will help restore harmony on earth.

Hi, I’m Sarah Dous

My mission is to assist women in coming back to their natural pace through following the cyclical rhythms of their body and nature around them. 

I’ve seen it time and time again, doing so opens them to their deepest layers and empowers them to live a life rooted in pleasure and soul-purpose.

All my offers stem from three main flows: 

The Researcher

I always try to bring the best of both worlds; so although my work is highly spiritual it is also grounded in left-brain scientific research & studies

Most women experience great difficulties because they don’t know how their body and psyche works. And who could blame them? They’ve been trained to be like a man for the last 5000 years. I make it my mission to have women understand themselves through offering approachable and integrative scientific information.

The Priestess 

At the core, for me, a Priestess is an alchemist. She transforms lead into gold, meaning that she can transform pain into her greatest gifts. She is unwavering in her presence and embodies the leader from a power-with dynamic ~ which stands in vast contrast to the power-over leaders we see in modern politics and businesses. This is the change the Divine Feminine is calling us all into. 

As a priestess, I hold you through the Dark Womb of healing so that you can be born anew. In our work I do not dominate, rather I take you by your hand while you walk the spiraling path back inside of yourself, so that you can be the woman you always dreamed of.

The Wise Woman

Ever since the dawn of humanity, women have embodied the archetype of the Wise Woman ~ or medicine woman, witch, healer, … ~  As a trained herbalist and experienced social worker, you are welcome in my space to bring every part of you that wants to be healed. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, I welcome it all. Because all of you needs to be held to root, blossom and evolve. 

Our space together will always be infused with ritual and magic because they bring that something more to life that you are yearning for.

If you are curious about my own journey, I’d love to share: 

I went from hating my female body into revering it as a Temple of the Goddess 

Read my story below or listen to it on the Feminine Power podcast 

As a child, 7 y/o, I first learned about the female reproductive system through my mothers ovarian cancer. One year later she died…
So this is the tragic way my little self learned about womb, ovaries, menstruation and even how childbirth works. 

When I was a teenager and first started bleeding, I didn’t have a woman present to tell me how to take care of myself. So I was left with the – unhelpful and severely damaging –  teenage magazines, to educate me. I quickly learned that menstruation is a dirty thing, and we need to use tampons asap, cause otherwise people might smell us and think we are disgusting. When I had menstrual cramps and headaches the doctors didn’t offer me any helpful advice. And like many other young women, I was put on the pill ‘because that’s the way it goes’ without being explained all the negative side effects this has (and there are many!) 

Needless to say I didn’t love my feminine body. I actually wanted to be a boy, maybe you can relate?

In 2014 I somehow managed to start turning this story around. I sought out women who could tell me different stories, who could show me that being in a feminine body does not only mean suffering, but it can be pleasurable, even.  

In 2016 I had my big shift. I was invited by a dear friend to participate in a weekend “Wild Women”. 

In that space, I fully remembered the magic of being a woman: that I have been gifted the body of a creatrix, one who could hold life and use this creative, sensual, energy for anything she desired; projects, relationships, and so on… 

That started my (life)long journey into the world of true femininity. I realized I could never have done it alone and this is why I chose to share my wisdom with every woman who wants to reclaim her cyclical power today

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