Dark Moon Circles

Monthly online gathering where you remember the lost feminine art of Rest & Receiving. 

Dear female leader,

It is time for you to reclaim the Dark Aspects within,

so you can stand up as protector of the Earth and her peoples. 

The Dark Moon circles are a monthly gathering where you receive a transmission & ritual:

Where you remember the lost feminine art of R E S T & R E V E I V I N G. 

We tap into the natural energies that are down below in the underground, the realm of the Grandmothers & the Black Earth Goddess.

Where you don’t need to do anything, be anything, give anything, Where being taken care of is the sole purpose. 

What kind of transmission can you expect

The womb is a powerhouse for creation, destruction and transformation. These are the deepest feminine energies of our universe and sadly they have been corrupted and demonized throughout the patriarchal dominion. These circles are structured to break through the patriarchal corruptions of the feminine and you will become conscious of the power that resides in your womb(space*). 


Mother Earth whispers through our Wombs, she asks her daughters to birth a new age of Light.

*If you no longer have your physical womb, the same work is done on an energetic level.

Since the dawn of humanity, we have been living in close connection with the moon. The ancient mystery teachings show us that all religions are based on this ancient lineage of Moon Worship. Our ancestors used to see the moon as a female Goddess. In these circles we will journey with the moon. They are set at the time of the dark moon when the energies are down, deep and within. These are very potent times to do deep inner work that will ripple out for your personal benefit and the benefit of all beings everywhere.

In a linear world, there’s only one way and that is UP. We need to move faster, get better results and always strive for more. This can be extremely stressful to an individual and very unsustainable for our planet. These circles are structured on the deeper, more true, time of our Earth and our bodies; They are set with the cyclical motion of the moon and are moving with the natural cyclical energies of the seasons of earth. Be prepared to obliterate the GO-GO-GO burn-out ways and fully become a face of the Goddess, the Earth and The cyclical Power that moves with action AND rest! 

We all carry feminine and masculine energies within us. For the last +-5000 years the masculine energies have taken the upperhand, but before that it was the feminine energies that were ‘on top’. These circles operate from the Divine Marriage; there is no hierarchy between feminine and masculine, we don’t want to suppress the masculine either, rather come together in harmony. In these circles you will be guided to restore your inner divine marriage and this will ripple out into your life and ultimately for the wellbeing of the earth.  

The Wise Woman tradition sees illness as an ally that shows where we are in disbalance. In these circles you will be learning to cooperate with your discomforts and see them for the teachers that they are. The Wise Woman way teams up with the plantrealm to minimize suffering and as a herbalist Sarah will guide you to work with specific herbs you may need. 

These myths tell the story of the search for the lost feminine. In these circles you will dive deep within yourself to find that she was never lost, just in a deep slumber. You will once more embody your full feminine radiance and therefore awaken the Holy Grail within.

As within so without ~ As you restore your relationship to the feminine, so does the earth restores her relationship to the feminine. 

Here we get practical; In these circles you’ll be offered a plethora of practical self-care tips and tricks and rituals to perform that restore your relationship with the Earth, your body, the seen and unseen spirit friends. 

The Blood Mysteries is the way to consciously work with your menstrual cycle, or menopause. These are ancient feminine teachings that have been demonized and still in today’s world carry a great taboo and fear. In these circles we come together to heal and befriend our body’s natural cyclical movement. This work is one of the most important self-help work you can do as a woman, if you ask me. 

Female sexuality has been heavily demonized by religions of the past, which still has a lingering effect of shame, discomfort and fear for women. Today’s culture sees female sensuality as a tool for consumption, with women’s bodies not belonging to themselves. It is time to claim back the sensual female creative power! In these circles we will together reclaim this pure, innocent, life-giving, feminine power! 

Your host

Hi I’m Sarah. 

I host and guide women’s circles following the template of the Round Table; everyone is equal and gets her space. As a social worker, I have great experience with guiding people to come together. My emphasis is on creating a safe space where every woman is welcome exactly as she is. True sisters help each other grow, this is the basis from which the circles are held. 

Furthermore, I’ve trained as a herbalist, a Priestess of the Rose Lineage and Sacred Sound. I carry the ancient feminine lineage of the Moon and Blood Mysteries, and share this deep knowledge with fiery passion. In these women circles there is space for depth, transmutation and upliftment. 

My mantra is Love is Wisdom and Wisdom is Love.

These circles are for you if

☾ You are a woman 

☾ You are ready to activate and/or strengthen your inner Wise Woman 

☾ You are ready to fully embody your Divine Feminine radiance. 

☾ You no longer want to suffer from your menstrual cycle or feminine body and want to   tap into her deep mysterious, ancient, power. 

☾ You want to step into your full creative power 

☾ You want to learn about the ancient feminine mysteries 

☾ You want to help birth a new age of light 

☾ You want to live in harmony with your inner feminine and masculine energies 

☾ You want to be a voice for the earth 

☾ You want to restore your relationship with the earth and her cycles 

☾ You are ready to awaken your full feminine wisdom, for your own wellbeing and that of the earth.

What she says

Sarah guided the Dark Moon Women’s Circle with absolute devotion, firmly but every so gently carrying the group with her incredible knowledge and guiding us through the most beautiful stories and meditation with the 13 Grandmothers, Dark Moon and connecting to our inner Queen Dragon. She helps you tap into your Deep Feminine power and inner Wisdom with such a natural ease. During a brief sharing at the end, she assists everyone with the messages received and what you can further explore. You get so much out of it, just in one session. Thank you so much!

Renate Degrave

My love! Wow I loved the circle so much. I really felt your passion, presence and love for the group. And I enjoyed connecting to the dragon queen inside… suuuper delicious. I left the circle feeling powerful and bold and deeply connected to parts of me I hasn’t accessed in a while. Thank you dear one ❤️

Juliet Lippman

Sarah holds the circle with such a grounded and wise presence, attuned to each individual whilst still keeping the energy flowing in the group. I felt safe and seen in the circle, which is something I usually struggle with in group settings. The wisdom and activations Sarah shares are deeply spirtiual, but still so rooted in the physical, in our bodies and the earth.💗

Michelle Keiser


Series of 12 women’s circles 

Every dark moon we gather, online via  zoom, for a 60-90 min transmission, ritual & sharing circle. 

○ Every full moon you’ll receive a lush self-care ritual that you can perform for yourself. 


Register for the full 12-month cycle


Register per Moon cycle


Pay in full for the whole 12 moon cycles. 

Or subscribe monthly for a minimum of two moon cycles subscription, after that you can exit anytime.

What she says

Sarah’s voice and presence is very calm and healing. She’s guided me in a mediation journey that helped connect with a deep part of myself . This was very helpful and I’m truly grateful for it


I learned to recognise and revalue the feminine qualities in myself. I discovered anger and sadness in myself about what we as a society have done with those feminine attributes. I felt for the women in my family line who were humiliated, abused and taunted. Working with Sarah showed me that I can break through this line and am actually already doing so.


I can always go to Sarah for a multitude of information about our cycle as well as about how we can be a woman and especially are allowed to be a woman. How you can behave, how you can feel good in your own skin and how you can be fully yourself. In just a few minutes, I already received many tips and information that helped me quickly to move forward.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email (info@douspardous.com) or message me on Instagram.

I call you home, Wise Woman, to re-awaken the ancient feminine mysteries and breathe new life into the Womb Web!” 

Sarah Dous