Dark Moon 

Monthly online gatherings where you remember the lost feminine art of Rest, Rejuvenation & activate the Dark Goddess within.

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Women have been trained to put their needs last: take care of your partner, kids, job,… only at the end of the day, you may have a moment for yourself – if you don’t fall asleep from the exhaustion that is… – leaving no room to take action on your many creative dreams & desires

In the last 5000 years of patriarchy the darker aspects of the femininesensuality, rage, grief, oracular wisdom, performing ecstatic rituals based on nature have been demonised and are still being ridiculed, resulting in many women nowadays living with an inner split & afraid to be who they truly are in their fullest form.  

There is another way… 

Say goodbye to the guilt and shame and embody your inner darkness in its full, loving, power. 

Learn how to receive & be received for the totality of who you are as a woman in your relationships & life.  

Finally listen to the deep intuitive, creative voice inside you and work with the energies of the moon to manifest your soul-gifts on earth with pleasure and epic results

Connect in circle with like minded women and breathe new life in the Ancient Celtic and Rose Mysteries of the Goddess

How do we do this?

Dark Moon 

Monthly online gatherings where you remember the lost feminine art of Rest, Rejuvenation & activate the Dark Goddess within

Give yourself this monthly sanctuary where you meet in circle with women every Dark Moon – the time when the energies are down below. In these circles you reclaim the dark aspects of the feminine that have been demonised by the patriarchy. You become able to set healthy boundaries & use your voice to stand up for this planet. You’ll receive teachings, self-care exercises, live-coaching and a close community in order to  descend into the depths of your being and retrieve your deepest soul gifts to share with the world & go from pain to pleasure. 

Meet your host

Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m a herbalist, massage therapist, Priestess of the Avalon Rose lineage & have a bachelor in social work. 

I’ve seen time and time again that when women attune to the natural cyclical rhythm of their body and nature, they live a life that is rooted in pleasure and soul-purpose. 
These women restore much needed harmony in this world.  

As a social worker, who’s worked on the field for 5 years, I have great experience with guiding and empowering people and groups. My emphasis lies on creating a safe space where every woman is welcome exactly as she is. 

The content of Dark Moon 

We meet, online, on a monthly basis at the
dark moon when the energies are down, deep and within. These are very potent times to do deep inner work that will ripple out for your personal benefit and the benefit of all beings everywhere. 

Since the dawn of humanity, humans have been living in close connection with the moon. The ancient mystery teachings show us that all religions are based on this ancient lineage of Moon Worship. It is time, now, to re-awaken the ancient teaching of the Priestesses and live in harmony with the moon once more. 

Every circle consist of:

Astrology teachings following the Divine Feminine expression of the zodiac. 

You learn how to work with the energies of the moon in a particular sign through practical rituals that you can perform. Every dark moon you plant your soul dreams and desires and watch them grow!  

The Dark Goddess has been given many faces throughout history. Every circle we journey with one of her faces, giving you insight into how their qualities manifests in your life; What can you learn from Her? How is She inviting you to be more of who you truly are? In which way can you embody your Divine Femininity even more?  

I teach about Dark Goddesses from the Celtic and Rose lineage. Restoring western based spirituality empowers us to no longer appropriate spirituality from other cultures. What you soon will learn is that all pre-colonised cultures share the same root archetypes and principles, but in this way we, as Westerners, can meet other cultures from a cup that is overflowing with our own ancient traditions and spirituality. You will be able to meet them as brothers and sisters, helping restore the pain that our shared history of colonisation still causes. The Dark Goddess doesn’t turn away from difficult topics, rather she uses her healing power to face the pain and love it back into wholeness.

In a linear world, there’s only one way and that is UP. We need to move faster, get better results and always strive for more. This can be extremely stressful to an individual and very unsustainable for our planet.

These circles are structured on the deeper, more true, time of our Earth. You learn about the Wheel of the Year and how the energies of the seasons around you can enhance your quality of life. Be prepared to obliterate the GO-GO-GO burn-out ways and fully become a face of the Goddess, the Earth and The cyclical Power that moves with action AND rest! 

Every full moon you’ll receive a self-care practice that restores your relationship with your body, the earth or the seen and unseen spirit friends.

You can only be of service when you are fully cared for. These practices gently guide you to prioritise your wellbeing and have you feel taken care of like a true Goddess. 

“Before I joined the Dark Moon, I had a strong need for connection and time that was just for me. I have always been someone who takes care of those around me and I’ve put my needs last

The monthly gathering greatly helped me with this. I feel connected to the women in the circle and feel great empathy for their journeys; I can now truly see that being a woman is a gift. 

I’ve cultivated a soft power within me that helps me to express my needs and desires in a clear way. My relationship with my partner has greatly improved, we are now much softer and listen more deeply to each other. This difference happened thanks to the Dark Moon gatherings.” 


These circles are for you if:

    ☽ You are ready to awaken your full feminine wisdom, for your own wellbeing and that of the earth. 

    ☽ You want to live a life that is based in harmony.  

    ☽ You desire to be part of a group of likeminded women where you feel safe and seen in all that you are. 

    ☽ You want to learn about the ancient feminine mysteries & awaken your inner priestess. 

    ☽ You are in need of structure in your life that promotes long term health and wellbeing. 

    ☽ You are ready to release the patriarchal “good girl” shackles and balance your inner light and dark aspects – no longer demonising one and pedestaling the other. 

    ☽ You are a powerful feminine leader, or aspire to be one, using your voice without fear or shame. 

    ☽ You are ready to consciously walk the life, death & rebirth cycles, thereby activating your full creative power. 

    ☽ You are NOT diagnosed with a mental disorder. In these circles I use transpersonal therapy techniques which are not safe for people with a mental disorder. Unless your licensed therapist agreed to you joining this program. 

    ☽ You will use this knowledge to restore sovereignty to the land in whatever way your soul calls you to do.

    “I had a hard time connecting with my inner peace in general. I’m a very chaotic fiery person and it can be easy for me to lose track of my inner calmth. 

    The Dark Moon circles taught me that it doesn’t have to be hard to tune into myself and my deeper layers regularly with ease and calmth. I’m also having so much fun connecting with goddesses/gods! It’s been so valuable to connect with these divine energies that Sarah brings to the circles, I’m always excited to learn more about them and how they manifest themselves before me. 

    I feel very nourished now that I get a monthly opportunity to dive into astrological and divine energies, as well as myself and my deeper truths.” 

    Michelle from Feral Wombyn

    “Surrender to the descent and ascent of the Moon. Come back to wholeness in all your aspects, the light and the dark. Both are Holy. Both want to be expressed in their fullness.”
    Sarah Dous 


    The Dark Moon is an ongoing membership

    In October you can join for a full year, now, in May, you can join for 6 months.
    Or join for only one moon cycle at a time.

    You receive:

    ● Every dark moon we gather, online via zoom, for a 90 min transmission, guided meditation & sharing circle. 

    ○ Every full moon you’ll receive a lush self-care ritual that you can perform for yourself.

    Dates & Time:

    Download the calendar here.

    We gather every dark moon, join whenever you want

    This is the program you’ve been waiting for, join now!

    Register for the full 6 month cycle 

    from Beltaine to Samhain (19th of may until 14th of October) 


    Or join for one moon cycle

    Register whenever you want and pay mooncycle per mooncycle.


    Dark Moon 

    Monthly online gatherings where you remember the lost feminine art of Rest, Rejuvenation & activate the Dark Goddess within.