Free Flowing Woman

1:1 Coaching journey

Connect with your body’s wisdom and cyclical nature. 

Fully express your sensuality and life-force energy. 

Creating a healthy relationship with your mindset and personal story.

This journey is customized for your unique personality, your wildest desires and deepest dreams.

You are welcome here.

I am a safe and nourishing space holder who is here to accept and support ALL flavors of you!

I’m your permission slip to be unapologetically YOU – to finally come home to yourself and feel free in your feminine body. 

Together, we curate the content of your 1:1 space: where you wish to focus based on, and the result you’d like to achieve for yourself. Book your complimentary clarity call here to feel into this is the container you’ve been waiting for to achieve your wildest desires & feminine dreams. I do not do sales calls and do not pressure you. I trust that you are sovereign to make the right decision for yourself.

The Focus

Cyclical living

In a linear world, there’s only one way and that is UP. This can be extremely stressful to an individual and very unsustainable for our planet. In this 1:1 journey, you will learn how to step out of the “always-more” paradigm by connecting to your cyclical nature. You will come home to your body’s infinite wisdom. When you honor the phases of your cycle it is like an energy hack: you know when your energy is at its lowest and highest and you can plan according to this knowledge. The result will be living a life that is rooted in bodily pleasure

Activating sensual creative power

Female sexuality has been heavily demonized by past religions which still has a lasting effect of shame, unease and fear on women. Modern day culture sees feminine sensuality as a tool for consumption where females bodies don’t belong to themselves. It is time to reclaim the sensual feminine creative power! In this 1:1 journey we will work on fully expressing your sensuality and life-force energy for none other than your own enjoyment and pleasure! Are you ready to let your sensual beauty shine? 

Creating a healthy relationship with your mindset

It is scientifically proven that when we change our mindset, our whole experience changes.*
For millennia, women have learned to think negatively towards their bodies, needs and desires. In this 1:1 journey we will zoom into what shadows are blocking you from living in your full feminine power. Transforming the his-story of pain and shame into her-story of softness and pleasure. You will learn to write your own story and own your own set of beliefs that ring true in your body like: What does being a woman truly mean for you? How do you want to embody this? 

*For more information, I recommend the work of Dr Joe Dispenza here

I reclaim being a Free flowing woman




















Your persmissionslip to be unapologetically YOU, to finally come home to yourself and feel free in your feminine body.

This 1:1 coaching journey is for you if:

☥ you want to awaken your feminine wisdom

☥ you want to connect to the full spectrum of your being

☥ you are tired of being a victim of your monthly cycle and want to be able to enjoy it in a pleasurable way 

☥ you want to connect to your inner creatrix 

☥ you are tired of this bigger ~ faster ~ stronger mentality

☥ you want to bring more harmony into your daily life

☥ you want to live with a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity

☥ you want to remember your inner Wild Woman who is unapologetically herself

☥ you want embody your sacred sexuality without fear or shame

☥ you want to dive deep in a soft and gentle way

☥ you want to learn to connect to your inner voice and be able to express it

☥ you want to flow freely

That’s me, love!


I can always go to Sarah for a multitude of information about our cycle as well as about how we can be a woman and especially are allowed to be a woman. How you can behave, how you can feel good in your own skin and how you can be fully yourself. In just a few minutes, I already received many tips and information that helped me quickly to move forward.


I love how Sarah is very available to talk about everything that has to do with femininity, whether it is about the womb or menstruation or… She has a very broad knowledge. Sarah has done many studies, read soooo many books, listened to many podcasts and creatively shares this knowledge to you. Sarah is the person to go when you could use tips and tricks to make your life more pure and connected with femininity.

Laura B.


Our journey together consists of

Three to five months of 1:1 support

You receive weekly video calls with me with one* integration week per month.

*This integration week is to allow space for rest during your and my moontime, because if we allow our bodies and minds to take rest at those times we are more capable of carrying ourselves and others throughout the whole month. 


In between support

In between the video calls, you will have voice and message support from me through telegram. I am available and answer messages at least once per day, monday-friday, 10:30am-17pm cet.

Lasting ripple effect

The journey is set for three to five months in linear time, but the work that we will do together will have a lasting effect long after our 1:1 is over. The mission of this journey is that afterwards you will have come home to yourself in deeper trust, pleasure and fully embracing all of you. You will be a fully embodied eco-femme who knows her worth, this my love, will have such a profound impact on your life! Are you ready to claim this?