The path of the Celtic Medicine Woman

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Herstory (history) of the Celtic Medicine Woman

Most people know of the Celtic Medicine Woman as the Witch. In the first section of the masterclass, we dive into the witchburnings and how the church brutally suppressed feminine nature-based knowledge. 

We alchemise the deep wounds that the witch-burnings have brought, so you can fully step into your healing power once more. 


Celtic Herbal Medicine Wheel 

This herbal medicine wheel is one I designed myself and will be sharing it with you for the first time in this masterclass!

The Celtic Herbal Medicine Wheel is a tool that will assist you to anchor in your land, get to know the herbal medicines that grow near you, learn about the power of the elements from the Celtic Druidic perspective & link all this into your body – especially the Womb-space. 












This class is for you if

  • If you have Celtic roots or live in Celtic lands, and want to revive your ancestry. 
  • You are interested in holistic healing & want to become skilled in herbal medicine
  • You want to know more about the healing plants that grow near you, debunking the myth that powerful herbal medicine needs to come from far & exotic places.  
  • You are a daughter from the witches they didn’t burn and are ready to alchemise any lingering wounds so you may activate your inner witch power once more. 
  • You are devoted to change the oppressive system that says humans are more worthy than plants or other life forms, and want to restore Earth as the Garden of Eden.
  • You are a herbalist wanting to know more about Celtic Herbalism, or you don’t know anything about herbalism yet, but want to start training as a Medicine Woman.

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“All the medicine you need is right under your feet, all you need is learn how to look.”
Sarah Dous  

Hi, I’m Sarah Dous

I am the founder of the Wild Rose Mystery school, a place dedicated to reawakening the wild cyclical ways of our earth, body and soul, and host of the Cyclical Living podcast.

I am an experienced social worker, herbalist reviving indigenous Celtic herbalism, massage therapist & priestess of the Avalon Rose lineage and Sacred Sound. I coach and lead programs for women that empowers them to live a life rooted in body & earth pleasure and soul-purpose.


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