Lifetime Access to the Guided Meditation

Connect to your inner Herbal Priestess


Unapologetically being seen in your herbal priestess power is not always easy. For millennia women have been burned, persecuted, ridiculed and cast out for embodying these gifts. That kind of hurt lingers…


I personally have done so much inner work on these ancestral fears and pains, and have come to a stage where they no longer rule me.

That’s why I included these integration tools so they may help you come into a place of inner power and dare to speak about your powerful gifts. Because Goddess knows, we need you to shine your full light!  

Delve deeper into the magical world of the Herbal Healing Priestesses with this powerful Cyclical Living episode!

This amazing lush self-care ritual will not only bring in another way to connect with your plant ally, and thus strengthen your relationship with them, but also bring you such a joyful and delicious experience! It truly is one of my favourite self-care rituals!

An Invitation to Continue your Journey

Herbal Moon membership

Monthly online gatherings to connect with your inner herbal priestess, restore your relationship to the plantrealm, and reawaken the ancient Celtic Avalonian Rose lineage of plant medicine. 

In this membership you will learn to unapologetically embody your inner Herbal Priestess;


🌿 Become able to connect to the spirit of the plants, hear their counsel for your wellbeing and work with them from a relationship-based approach.


🌿 Reclaim your ancestral medicine lineages of the Celtic Avalonian Rose priestesses.


🌿 Become unafraid to use your gentle voice to stand up for the plants and the earth.

You will receive teachings, herbal self-care exercises, deep meditative meditations to connect to the plant realm and ancestral wise women, live-coaching and a close community in order to descend into the depths of your being to find harmony and peace

This is for you if you feel that you are part of an ancient spiritual lineage of powerful healers who worked WITH the wisdom of the plant elders and want to dive deep within yourself so that you may bring their much needed wisdom into the modern world. 

If this is you