Wise Woman Holistic Healing

Personalised healing sessions to transform pain into pleasure & soul-purpose

With Sarah Dous 

Modern medicine is incredibly powerful for acute problems, however when it comes to chronic pain it lacks in long term solutions.

If we want to heal chronic pain, it is imperative that we look at the roots of the dis-ease. 

Pain is never without meaning, it is always a signal of a problem. Instead of taking a pill that will suppress the pain, in these sessions you learn to cooperate with the signals of your body and restore harmony, health and wellbeing. 

What is the Wise Woman Way?

The Wise Woman Way is the most ancient way of living a healthy lifestyle.
It is based on the web of life where everything is interconnected; the whole is more than the sum of its parts.
Illness is not seen as the enemy but an ally that shows us where we can restore harmony. So if we want to live a healthy life we need to restore harmony to the whole – body, mind, spirit & earth.

Are you ready to be led down the spiralling path into the centre of your being so you can transform your pain into harmony, pleasure & soul-purpose

You are the medicine

My goal is to restore sovereignty. Too many doctors and healers will tell you what you need, I will not do that. I believe that everybody is wise and has the capacity to be their own healer.

You hold the power of your own transformation. As a guide, I will ask you all the right questions and hand you the tools that allow you to listen to your body, strengthen your intuition and transform pain into pleasure. 

Hi, I’m Sarah

Experienced social worker, certified coach, trained in transpersonal therapy, Herbalist reviving the Celtic Druidic plant wisdom, massage therapist, Womb Healer and Priestess of the Avalon Rose lineage and Sacred Sound.

If you want to know more about me or read my personal story of transforming pain into pleasure & soul-purpose, you can do so here


“Before working with Sarah, I saw my body as an object with hormonal problems that prevented me from achieving the worldly goals I was striving for. I would suffer two weeks from the month from anxiety. 

In the sessions I learned to choose radically for myself and to empathise with my body by listening to its signals, recognise, respect and honour her. 

Today I can look at my ‘problem’ and move around it like water, instead of fighting it. I regained the distance between myself and my feelings and restarted a grounding process that I had lost somewhere along the way.

Above all, I found playfulness in myself again and a depth in life that gives me a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm.”



Personalised 1:1 sessions


In these personalised sessions you have the opportunity to receive a mix or an in depth experience of these modalities;


  • Wise Woman Herbalism 
  • Transpersonal therapy 
  • Somatic bodywork 
  • Shadow work 
  • Womb healing
  • Massage therapy 
  • Soul channelling 
  • Celtic Druidic healing techniques
  • Sound healing 


Online, via zoom
In person, in Belgium, near Bruges.

Duration & Pricing

60 min: €60

90 min: €80 

Schedule your session

Fill in the form with some basic questions so I can prepare the session in depth.
After you’ve sent the form I will contact you to schedule our session.

“A true healer knows they are not the one doing the healing; rather, they are holding the vision of the return to wholeness.”  Rebecca Campbell

It would be my honour to hold you in your power and assist you on your spiralling journey back to Wholeness.