Womb Healing & Awakening Massage

Welcome to my massage practice, where we believe that your womb is a powerful and intelligent part of your body, sending signals to indicate deeper issues. Did you know that 8 in 10 women experience pain related to their menstrual cycle and feminine body?

Instead of ignoring or masking this pain with pills, I invite you to embark on a journey of embracing your full femininity and understanding the messages your womb is trying to convey. Through our transformative massage sessions, we will delve into the deeper layers and help you listen to the wisdom of your womb(space).

Let’s work together to unlock the potential for healing and empowerment that lies within you. Embrace the power of your femininity, and let your womb guide you to a place of greater well-being and understanding.

Come and experience the nurturing touch and support that will help you reconnect with your body and embrace a more holistic approach to your health and well-being. Your journey towards self-awareness and self-love starts here. I can’t wait to welcome you!

What is Womb Massage? 

Womb massage, also known as uterine massage or abdominal massage, is an ancient therapeutic technique with a rich history of promoting women’s health and well-being. During the session, I will massage the uterus, cervix, and surrounding muscles and tissues, using gentle strokes to stimulate blood flow, release tension, and promote relaxation in the pelvic area.


What are the benefits of abdominal massage for you as a wise woman? I describe them below, both on a physical and holistic level.

On a physical level:

☥ Improves digestion
☥ Strengthens the abdominal muscles
☥ Enhances uterine health
☥ Reduces menstrual cramps
☥ Strengthens the ligaments that hold the uterus in its central position, reducing physical pain
☥ Relieves menopausal symptoms
☥ Helps relax the abdominal muscles, which tend to hold a lot of stress in the form of tension
☥ Improves fertility
☥ Enhances breathing by releasing tension in the diaphragm muscle
☥ Aids in healing scars from a cesarean section or hysterectomy (Wait until the wound is healed before massaging the abdomen)
☥ Improves the digestive process

On a holistic level:

☥ Reduces stress and anxiety
☥ Facilitates the release of traumas stored in the uterus
☥ Strengthens the holistic health of the uterus and the female body
☥ Connects you with your uterus and enhances the connection with your feminine self (even when the uterus is physically absent)
☥ Nurtures your pelvic area, promoting self-love
☥ Aids grounding: Being firmly anchored in the pelvic area (Chakras 1 & 2) results in a strong sense of grounding
☥ Reinforces, supports, and nourishes your connection with your femininity
☥ Improves digestion, leading to better ability to release stress, anxiety, and problems on a holistic level

Experience the transformative power of abdominal massage as it nurtures your body and soul, embracing your femininity with love and care.

I had a wonderful experience. The womb massage released a lot of self-love, just what I needed. The relaxation massage was perfect. Sarah really knew what she was doing. She found the right spots, and afterwards, I felt the energy flowing through my body. She also takes the time to chat and listen before and after, which makes the whole experience complete.

Thank you, Sarah! See you soon!


Prices & Booking 

Womb Healing massage:
45 min = €50

Womb massage + full body relaxation:
60 min = €60
90 min = €90

Womb massage can be a stand-alone treatment or part of a customized plan to suit your specific desires and needs. Consult with me to discover the best treatment approach for you.

Experience the ancient wisdom of womb massage, tailored to nurture and support your feminine well-being. Book your session with me to embark on a journey of holistic healing and empowerment.

Sarah really took her time to tune into me, my womb and the life/moon cycle I was experiencing. She has a calming yet expressive energy that works well for me in settings like this. 

I tend to be more unaware of my womb in my day-to-day life unless I am menstruating. During the massage I felt Sarah’s soft and caring intention and felt my lower abdomen/womb area relax in a way it hasn’t before. 

The massage, as well as Sarah’s personal guidance, allowed me to commit to fully sink into my womb and start to become aware of how my womb is communicating her wants and needs to me.

The Womb Healing massage was the Jumpstart I needed, and it has created a beautiful domino effect towards a more loving relationship with my womb and body.


Meet your massage therapist

Hello, I’m Sarah, a passionate and experienced massage therapist with a focus on Womb healing and Awakening massage. I am dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing space where my clients can fully unwind and embrace the healing power of massage.

With my extensive training and certification, you can trust that you are in capable hands. I have a deep understanding of the unique needs of women and specialize in addressing ailments and pain related to the menstrual cycle and menopause. Whether you seek relief from physical discomfort or want to deepen your connection to your Womb and awaken your full feminine radiance, I am here to support you on your journey to wellness.

At my practice, you will not only experience a rejuvenating massage but also gain access to additional holistic wellness tips and tools, tailored to your preferences and needs.

I am excited to be a part of your wellness journey and to help you achieve a sense of balance, relaxation, and Womb Awakening through the transformative power of touch. Thank you for considering me for your massage needs.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!



Are you passionate about becoming a Womb Healing and Awakening facilitator?

As one of the few practitioners of Womb Massage in Flanders, Belgium, I feel saddened that women seeking this ancient healing technique often have to travel far and wide to receive it. But I believe we can change that! My vision is to have an abundance of Womb Healing and Awakening Massage Practitioners all over Flanders. That’s why I am in the process of creating an in-person course that will train you to become a facilitator yourself!

If you’re interested in joining this transformative course, please reach out to me via email (info@douspardous.com) or on Instagram (@wildrose.dous). I’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as the training sessions are ready.

Let’s come together to revive and spread the ancient wisdom of Womb Healing and Awakening Massage across Flanders. I can’t wait to embark on this empowering journey with you!

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