Cyclical Woman 

3 – 4 – 6 month mentorship to re-awaken the Divine Feminine within your body, mind & soul.

With Sarah Dous 

In this mentorship I’m your permission slip to be unapologetically YOU – to finally come home to yourself and feel free in your feminine body.

Together, we curate the content of your 1:1 space based on the result you’d like to achieve for yourself. 

Fill in the form if you want to work together, then I will contact you to have a chat through voice message or a 30 min zoomcall to feel if it is in alignment for us to embark on your journey.  

The Focus of this mentorship

Cyclical Living

In this long term mentorship you say goodbye to the always-action way of living that is depleting your body & spirit. You welcome in a harmonious flow of action ànd rest into your life through living from the four phases of your femininity.

When you honour the phases of your cycle it is like an energy hack: you know when your energy is at its lowest and highest and you can plan according to this knowledge. The result will be living a life that is rooted in bodily pleasure.

Divine Feminin Wisdom

The patriarchal demonisation of the feminine has led not only to women being afraid of being fully feminine, but also to 8 in 10 women experiencing heavy pain and discomfort in their body. Monthly pain and suffering is not normal and can be easily fixed!

The Divine Feminine is re-awakening after this patriarchal suppression. She is re-awakening in YOU! It is time to claim back your sovereign feminine creative power! In this 1:1 journey you will activate your Divine Feminine essence.

Grounding in Earth

For a long time humanity has lived with an inner split: the mind as holy, the body as impure & the heart operating as a barrier. In this mentorship you will transform the barrier in your heart into an open channel of love

We work following the Celtic tradition of the 3 cauldrons of your being: The Womb, the Heart & the Mind.
When these 3 cauldrons are fully active you are grounded earth through the womb(space), living from your heart & open to receive Awen (spirit) from the heavens through the mind. 

This mentorship is for you if:

☥ you want to awaken your divine feminine wisdom

☥ you want to connect to the full spectrum of your being

☥ you are tired of being a victim of your monthly cycle and want to be able to enjoy it in a pleasurable way 

☥ you want to connect to your inner creatrix 

☥ you are tired of this bigger ~ faster ~ stronger mentality

☥ you want to bring more harmony into your daily life

☥ you want to live with a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity

☥ you want to remember your inner Wild Woman who is unapologetically herself

☥ you want embody your sacred sensuality without fear or shame

☥ you want to live deep in a soft and gentle way

☥ you want to learn to connect to the voice of your soul and be able to express it

Meet your guide

Hi, I’m Sarah Dous

It is my mission to assist women in coming back to their natural pace through following the cyclical rhythms of their body and nature around them. 

I’ve seen it time and time again, doing so opens them to their deepest layers and empowers them to live a life rooted in pleasure and soul-purpose.

I believe that women who live in deep connection with their feminine body and soul are the co-create Heaven on Earth



I’m an experienced social worker, certified coach, trained in transpersonal therapy, Herbalist reviving Celtic Druidic plant wisdom, massage therapist, Womb Healer and Priestess of the Avalon Rose lineage and Sacred Sound. founder of the Wild Rose Mystery School. 

It’s my daily devotion to support women in activating their Divine Feminine essence and my private clients receive top priority.
Because I believe in doing deep & profound work I only have space for one client at a time. Is this you? 

“Before I worked with Sarah, I had a strong need for connection and time that was just for me. I have always been someone who takes care of those around me and I’ve put my needs last.

After working with Sarah I’ve cultivated a soft power within me that helps me to express my needs and desires in a clear way. My relationship with my partner has greatly improved, we are now much softer and listen more deeply to each other. And I can now truly see that being a woman is a gift. ” 


Before working with Sarah I was on the pill and struggling with some depressive tendencies, with Sarah’s coaching I found another solution that works for me and allowed me to quit the pill. Now my joy has returned, my sadness is deeper at times but it is honest and even that feels good. I feel much more like myself and I can feel the intense happiness in my life.


During the coaching with Sarah I chose self-love. I learned how to allow myself a context that promotes my sense of wellbeing instead of squeezing myself into one that doesn’t suit me. I learned to empathise with my body and to listen better to its signals. I learned to see her again, to recognise, feel, respect and honour her.





If your soul is calling you to do this work but the financial aspect is bringing up a lot of fear, feel free to fill in the application and we can discuss this afterwards. 

I do not do sales calls, this work is soul alignment based. 

What’s included

3 – 4 – 6 months of 1:1 sessions

You receive weekly 60 to 90 minute video calls with me with one* integration week per month. 

*This integration week is to allow space for rest & rejuvenation, because if we allow our bodies and minds to take rest we are more capable of carrying ourselves and others throughout the whole month. 

In between support

In between the video calls, you have access to me through voice and message support, for 6 days out of the 7.

Bonus material

During the time of our container you’ll receive personalised meditations, exercises and/or receive access to any courses and offers I offer if it will support you on your journey. 

And you’ll also be spoiled with a gift! My love language is choosing the perfect gift to my loved ones, so this bonus is my favourite way to shower you in my love. 

Lasting ripple effect

The journey is set for an amount in linear time, but the work that we will do together will have a lasting effect long after our 1:1 is over. My mission is to ultimately become obsolete, so in this container you learn tools and habits that work for YOU in the long run. I work under the motto: “Don’t give a fish but teach a woman how to fish.”

Because I believe in doing deep & profound work I only have space for one client at a time.
Is this you? 

The blueprint of a radiant & pleasureful woman is within you.

Will you live courageously and allow yourself to fully experience Her?