Reawaken the Wild Cyclical Ways of our
Earth, Body and Soul.

Sarah Dousselaere

Priestess of the Avalon Rose lineage, Cyclical Living mentor,
Herborist, Massage therapist,
Keeper of the Womb & Moon Mysteries,
& founder of the Wild Rose Mystery School 

Wild Rose Mystery School

The Wild Rose Mystery School is a place where women learn to come back to their natural pace by following the cyclical rhythms of their lichaam and nature around them. 

They transform the linear way of thinking – where the only way is up – that is depleting us and the earth, by returning to their original wild self

I’ve seen it time and time again, doing so opens them to their deepest layers en empowers them to live a life rooted in pleasure and soul-purpose.


Do you desire to come home to your true self? 

Online offers

Dark Moon circles

The Dark Moon circles are monthly online gatherings at the new moon, where women remember the lost feminine art of Rest & Receiving. 

1:1 Female Embodiment coaching

Jouw permissie slip om helemaal JEZELF te zijn. To finally come home to yourself and love your feminine body. 

This online 1:1 offering is the most alchemising offer. You will learn how to connect with your body’s wisdom, cyclical nature and become unapologetically feminine (not this masculine feminine version that society taught us to be)

This container is a powerful accelerator to activate your voice, your passion, your cyclical pleasure and embody the Wild Ways of your female self! 

The earth desires your dripping sensual pleasurable feminine self, babe, and I make it my mission to support you on this path. 

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In person offers in Belgium

Massage and/or Womb Healing  

Come into deep relaxation with a full-body massage and/or receive a gentle womb healing massage that will help to bring your uterus back into alignment through non-invasive external massage. 

All massages can include a coaching session beforehand to assist you in more profound transformation and wellbeing. 

Workshops Female Embodiment

Level 1:  The Return 
A 3 hour workshop that teaches you how to come back into contact with your womb(space). Heal the distortions and pains of the disconnection & remember the wisdom of your feminine body. 

Level 2: The Grounding  
In this four hour workshop you learn how to live with the menstrual cycle as your greatest tool for self-love & self-knowledge. Learn about the Goddess in all her faces & see how you embody her in your personal life. 

Level 3: The Rapture
In this four hour workshop you will learn how your feminine body holds the blueprint for ecstatic Sensuality. Learn how to unapologetically live life based on pleasure with self-care & ecstatic pleasure rituals. 

Listen to the Cyclical Living podcast, a podcast that will inspire & empower you to live your full cyclical, soulful life. 


Ik vind dat ik bij Sarah terecht kan voor heel wat info zowel over de cyclus als over hoe je vrouw kan en mag zijn. Hoe je je kan gedragen, hoe je je goed kan voelen in je eigen vel, hoe je jezelf mag zijn. In enkele minuten tijd kreeg ik al veel tips en info die me al snel verder hielp. Zelfs in een kort gesprek komt er al veel verduidelijking.


Sarah brengt nuchterheid in de drukte van de wereld.


Toen ik de coaching met Sarah startte zag ik mijn lichaam en de manier waarop het functioneert voornamelijk als een probleem. TEen baaldag mocht niet bestaan. Vooruit met de geit. Tijdens de coaching met Sarah koos ik voor zelfliefde. Ik leerde radicaal voor mezelf kiezen, invoelen in mijn lijf en beter luisteren naar haar signalen. Ik leerde haar opnieuw zien, erkennen, respecteren en eren. Vandaag kan ik naar mijn ‘probleem’ kijken en er als water omheen te bewegen in plaats van er tegenaan te beuken. Bovenal hervond ik de speelsheid in mezelf en een diepgang in het leven die me al veel plezier en goesting bezorgde. Let’s get on with it. During the coaching with Sarah I learned to choose radically for myself and to empathize with my body and to listen better to its signals. Today I can look at my ‘problem’ and move around it like water, instead of fighting it. Above all, I found the playfulness in myself again and a depth in life that has already given me a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm.