Gratis zoete proevers

Deze gratis zoete proevers zijn er voor jou om van te genieten! 

Sit back and receive, my love…





The magic of menstruation

Receive a free ebook about living with menstruation as a way for personal empowerment instead of suffering. This ebook offers easy and accessible information; You’ll learn about the link between your (energetic) womb and the moon, the four phases of your cycle and practical self-care tips & tricks for each phase of your cycle.

Did you know that every woman is actually 4 women? 

The menstrual cycle is divided into 4 clear phases and each phase has an archetype. In this free meditation you will get intimate with the 4 inner archetypes of your cycle. 

Turning inwards and getting intimate with your inner archetypes is the beginning of a magical journey of self-knowledge and self-love. Are you ready to listen?