Welcome to the Cyclical Living podcast, a podcast that will inspire & empower you to live your full cyclical, soulful life. 

Your host is Sarah Dous, here to help you be your most Embodied self.
Sarah is a holistic health coach, bodyworker, herbalist and Priestess of the Avalon Rose Lineage. She is here to assist women and men to come back to their natural pace. Following the rhythms of their body and nature around them, so they can open up to their deepest layers, rooted in pleasure and soul-purpose.

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Coming back to the vibration of Love with Angie Twydall

In this episode we speak with Angie Twydall, Womb Witch, Bee Priestess, Therapist, and Healer with over 20 years of experience.

Topics of this conversation are:

– Remembering the Cycles of Womanhood: Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone

– Reclaiming menopause as transition into your full, free, self & fully honoring the Crone.

– The life, death and rebirth cycle of Mother Earth, Gaia & how we can navigate feelings of deep despair of the current environmental crisis that we are experiencing.

– How the Bees are wayshowers of the vibration of Love, and as a Priestess you can hold the same frequency.

– The healed womb; How transforming personal & collective trauma that is stored in the Womb is the great Work you can do.

– And more…

Returning to the Ancient Celtic Mystery ways and Restoring the innocence of the Descent with Alize Lily

In this episode we speak with Alize Lily, a guide for the Sacred Feminine Arts, Retreat Facilitator and Priestess of the Celtic Rose lineage, specializing in the feminine left-hand path. She is also the founder of the Celtic Rose Mystery School, where she helps students from all over the world establish a connection to the sacred feminine, priestess path and western mysteries.

Topics of this conversation are:

– The left-hand path of the feminine: Coming back to your womb & the earth

– Diving deep in the Samhain portal of the Celtic Wheel of the Year; How to align with the cyclical motions of nature around us.

– Restoring innocence to Death and the Descent.
Where our current society fears death above all, the ancient mystery schools teach us that Death is just a portal to Resurrection…

– Search for the lost feminine, the lost mysteries & returning to the ways of the Ancients, our Ancestors.

– And more…

On the harm of hormonal contraceptives and returning to your natural cycle with Rona Mirimi

In this episode we speak with Rona Mirimi, a Fertility Awareness Educator. She teaches couples and individuals how to track & chart their cycles. Supports women who are breastfeeding or who have PCOS and other conditions. Holds mother & daughter circles to introduce them to their beautiful body and the menstrual cycle. And she also helps people find the best menstrual cup to suit their bodies & lifestyles, along with cloth pads, yoni steams and more.

Topics of this conversation are:

– Rona shares vulnerably about her miscarriages and how she used them as an opportunity to heal her motherline.

– Cutting through the distortion of “the pill as the magical solution”, and shedding light on the serious harm that hormonal contraceptives bring to the female body.

– What the fertility awareness method is, and how you can listen to the signs of your body – not from fear of pregnancy but from curiosity and loving your uniqueness.

– And more…

Resurfacing the Ancient Blood Mysteries

In the 4th episode of the Cyclical Living podcast I, Sarah Dous, speak about the Ancient Blood Mysteries, better known as the Menstrual Cycle.
The intention of this episode is to peel back the layers of shadow that has been put on this bodily function and to resurface the ancient way of looking at the menstrual cycle as a source for wellbeing, self-knowledge and self-love.

Topics that come up:

– I share deeply about my personal journey; how losing my mother to ovarian cancer led me on the path of the ancient Blood Mysteries.

– Sharing a brief history of where the menstrual cycle was corrupted from a beautiful and natural bodily function into a disgusting and demonized function.

– The importance of transforming the shadows of disgust and fear and reclaiming the menstrual cycle as a tool for wellbeing, self-knowledge and self-love.

– How the menstrual cycle is structured in two streams; the Red and White one.

– And lastly about the four phases of the menstrual cycle and how you can become more conscious of them in your own body.

People powered reforestation with Eoghan Connaughton

In this episode we speak with Eoghan Connaughton from the Gaelic Woodland Project.
Eoghan is a Masters student of Environmental Science researching fungi as a bioherbicide. He is also a post graduate of environmental protection and founder of the Gaelic Woodland Project: a charity run by volunteers who share a desire to heal the wounds of history through empowerment, stewardship and gardening.

In this conversation we speak about the importance of community and how to care for the indigenous plant species & the forests of your land.

Topics that come up are:

– Tending the indigenous biodiversity of the land you live on

– The choice to stay in the city and create the nature you are yearning for.

– Breaking through the myth of the “strong independent person” and calling in support from the people around you

– How working together in a community is essential to undertake these enormous tasks of nature healing and/or replanting old growth forests.

– And more…

Your voice as a channel for the return of the Divine Feminine with Elsa Field

In this episode we speak with Elsa Field, a fearless soul singer, Goddess visionary, Priestess of Avalon and sacred & devotional musician.

In this conversation with Elsa we weave the Mysteries beautifully with the Mundane.

Topics that come up:

– What does it mean to be a feminine spiritual leader in today’s world?

– Quitting the rat race and coming back to a life by design of your soul/higher self

– How to infuse your life & offers with feminine magnetism

– The archetype of the Priestess of Sacred Sound, Temple Musicians and Dancers

– Midwifing the return of the Divine Feminine through channeling her sacred sound

– Allowing your voice to be heard & using it as a channel to move energy of grief, anger, joy and happiness

– And more…

Cyclical Business & heart-felt action/rest with Juliet Lippman

In this episode we speak with Juliet Lippman, a high level business development mentor and launch doula for devoted fempreneurs. Juliet specializes in soul strategy, clarity and pleasure with love at the center of all of her teachings.

In this episode she talks about

– Cyclical Soul Business: How you can surrender to the natural rhythms of your body to show up as your full intuitive self in your business.

– Breaking the chains of a linear 9 – 5 job through paving your own path from the inside out.

– Listening to your body & keeping your root safe so you can fully open your heart in your relationships and soul’s work.

– And much more deliciousness

Come back to your body & nature through Cyclical Living with Sarah Dous

In this episode Sarah Dous, holistic health coach, bodyworker, herbalist and Priestess of the Avalon Rose Lineage, talks about what Cyclical Living is, why she decided to make a podcast on this topic, how the linear mindset of society is unsustainable for the planet and the individual and how you can implement a more cyclical approach in your life to life a more fulfilled, soul-based and pleasurable life.