Wise Woman Rising

Unveil Your Inner Medicine Woman: A 7-Week Journey of Womb Awakening, Herbal Healing, and Empowerment.

I see you, divine feminine leader.

You are a beacon of light, passionately building or maintaining a soulful business, dedicated to manifesting a harmonious New Age rooted in love and interconnectedness with all living beings. 

As a visionary of the New Earth, your sacred mission requires nourishing yourself with high-frequency medicine and anchoring deeply in your feminine body. Embody this majestic undertaking effortlessly, with the gracious support of the plant realm on your journey. Let the Earth’s ancient wisdom activate the magic within as you radiate your transformative presence for the New Earth.

Within the enchanting realm of Wise Woman Rising, you shall immerse yourself in a profound exploration of the healing herbs that grow near you. Discover the art of co-creating with the matter and spirit of specific plant allies that are contracted to support you and your body. Unleash your ability to craft exquisite herbal remedies, ritually infused with boundless love – and none of the harmful chemicals. Embrace the transformative power of Womb Awakening as you learn more about your feminine body and activate the holistic healing wisdom from the sacred lineage of the feminine priestesses.

Together, let us remember the ancient Priestess art of co-creating with plant wisdom, empowering you to rise as the sovereign healer and custodian of Mother Earth that you are meant to be!

I struggled with the need for structure and rest. I wanted to find stability in myself, not in something/someone else. But it was hard for me to find it. Through working with Sarah I learned to use the nature that is in me and that moves around me as a source for the structure I so longed for. 

De donkere kanten van leven werden zichtbaarder en ik voelde me er verbazingwekkend goed in thuis. Ik ontwikkelde activiteiten die me helpen om met deze donkere kant in contact te komen zoals kleuren, thee drinken, kruiden plukken en drogen, werken in de tuin. such as colouring, drinking tea, picking and drying herbs, and working in the garden.

One of the most important things I learned from Sarah is to allow myself a context that promotes my sense of wellbeing instead of squeezing myself into a context that doesn’t suit me. I radically chose self-love”

This training is for the woman who is ready to…

Ignite your body’s vibrant energy with herbal nourishment and medicine resonating at the highest frequencies. Embrace Womb Awakening, and discover deep pleasure in your feminine self through co-creating with your body’s natural primal cycles.

…Elevate your energetic vibration, amplifying your wealth, impact on your soul tribe, and greater mission for our precious Earth.

… Activate your inner priestess channel & unlock the extraordinary ability to commune with plant beings; opening up to your innate intuition that always guides you towards the perfect plant allies that will support you and/or your clients on the profound journey of healing and wellness. 

… Embark on an exhilarating quest, delving into the realms of holistic healing and wellness, as you eagerly seek wisdom from the sacred lineage of the feminine priestesses. Immerse yourself in the profound knowledge of herbal medicine, viewing it through the empowering lens of this ancient lineage.  

… Unleash your potential to heal, not merely superficially, but at the root of any physical ailments that challenge you. Dive deep into the essence of your being, as you strive to restore balance and harmony, unlocking a newfound state of vitality and well-being. 

… Alchemise the fear-programming that was installed in women during the witch burnings. Releasing this program, which was meant to prevent you from powerfully speaking your truth and living the magical life of your dreams, will not only strengthen yourself but also heal your full feminine lineage – past and future generations! 

Rebirth the ancient Wise Woman lineage, that is based in harmony with the full web of life. 

“After working with Sarah I feel better in my skin and more fully like myself. I can now allow myself to be a full woman!” Shauni

The content of Wise Woman Rising

Modules 1 to 3

The Wise Woman Way 

In this transformative module, you will liberate yourself from an outdated mindset, instilled by the patriarchy, that only serves to restrict. Embrace the Wise Woman Way and unlock the wisdom to harmonise with your body’s natural rhythms, experiencing profound interconnectedness within the full web of life. Let go of feelings of separation and loneliness as you discover the joy and ease of embracing a high-frequency lifestyle rooted in the ancient wisdom threads of the female lineage.

Healing the Witch Wound 

Within this powerful module, you will embark on an alchemical journey to transmute the wounds inherited from your feminine lineage, remnants of the witch burnings that scarred our collective history. I have walked this path myself and can attest to the profound power of this work, which has allowed me to fully embrace and embody my Priestess self, fearlessly revealing her to the world. Through this module, you will integrate and deepen your understanding as you embark on a sacred sound healing ceremony led by the esteemed guest teacher, Elsa Field. Prepare to be moved, as this ceremony holds a special and potent energy, further illuminating your path of divine feminine embodiment and liberation.

The Celtic Herbal Medicine Wheel 

Prepare to witness the extraordinary phenomenon of plants communicating their ancient wisdom to you. Within this module, you will be initiated into the sacred knowledge of the plants that grow in your immediate surroundings. Discover the profound art of co-creation, forging a deep connection with both the physical and spiritual essence of these plant allies. Delve into the mystical teachings of the Celtic Druidic tradition, where the elemental forces hold immense power and significance. Through this lens, you will uncover the intricate interplay between these elements and the Awakened Womb grid within your divine feminine body. Brace yourself for a profound journey of awakening and alignment as you tap into the mystical tapestry that binds you to the natural world.

Modules 4 to 6

Medicine Making & Self-care

Module 4 offers you an exclusive gateway to my living library, brimming with invaluable practical tools and recipes for crafting your own herbal medicine and  self-care rituals that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, radiant, and fully aligned with your sacred essence. As you delve into this treasure trove, you will actively reclaim the ancient healing prowess of female priestesses, empowering yourself to provide sustained wellness not just for yourself, but for your clients as well. 

Opening your Priestess Healing Channel

In this module we swing the doors to your inner Priestess Healing Channel wide open. Release the shackles of doubt and embrace the limitless potential that resides within your sacred vessel. With each step you take, you ignite the sacred flame of your intuitive power, illuminating the path of healing and transformation for yourself and those who seek your guidance. Embrace the sacred alchemy that occurs as you merge with ancient wisdom and contemporary practices, bridging the gap between the ethereal and the tangible. Awaken the dormant energies within you, allowing them to flow effortlessly through your awakened channel, transforming wounds into wisdom, pain into liberation, and darkness into radiant light.

Closing Ceremony & Initiation

In the closing ceremony of this magnificent journey, we gather together and let the threads of our transformation intertwine, weaving a tapestry of profound beauty and growth.

In this sacred space, we honour the profound shifts and expansions that you have cultivated during this transformative journey. With gratitude we celebrate the blossoming of our Priestess Wise Woman selves and the radiant healing energy that now flows through our beings, ready to go on and continue to midwife the new earth into being – fully nourished! 

“I wanted to explore the topics of embodiment, the feminine way, connection to pleasure etc. Now that I’ve worked with Sarah I feel more confident on my journey of connecting more deeply to my body and especially my womb space. Sarah is an enthusiastic facilitator, she has so much passion for those topics and gives good energy. Sarah leads with confidence, it feels very relaxed and at the same time highly effective. Ik vond de energetische wortels meditatie aan het begin van de sessie geweldig, het hielp me echt om in het huidige moment te komen en ik ben van plan om het meerdere keren per week te blijven oefenen voor gronding.” 


Hello, dear lady and welcome to my space!

I’m Sarah Dous, an experienced social worker, an herbalist reawakening the ancient Celtic Druidic plant wisdom, a skilled massage therapist, Womb Awakening facilitator, and a priestess of the Avalon Rose lineage and Sacred Sound.
If you want to read my personal transformation story, you can do so hier doen

My soul’s mission is to guide and empower women on a remarkable journey; Picture yourself, my dear lady, walking hand-in-hand with me as I unveil the secrets to living a life deeply rooted in the pleasures of the body and the wisdom of the Earth. Through my coaching and transformative programs, I illuminate the path to your true soul-purpose.

I do this by rekindling the wild, cyclical ways of our earth within your very being. I deeply believe that by embracing this connection, you will step into a life of freedom, radiance, and unfathomable joy. And in doing so, you become an integral pillar within the web of awakened souls, each contributing to the restoration of harmony as a spokesperson of our beloved Mother Earth.

Can you imagine a world where the Garden of Eden is not just a myth but a tangible reality? With my guidance, that dream becomes ever closer to our grasp. So, will you take my hand and embark on this extraordinary adventure? For together we shall awaken the dormant magic within, and bring back harmony to the full web of life. 

“Sarah guides women with absolute devotion, firmly but ever so gently carrying the group with her incredible knowledge and guiding us. She helps you tap into your Deep Feminine power and inner Wisdom with such a natural ease. You get so much out of working with her. Thank you so much!”


Wise Woman Rising is a live course based on interactive community calls and solo study work. Sarah creates a fun and instructive environment where you can receive all the Wise Woman teachings. There will also be room to share with other students who are on the same path of reclaiming this divine feminine wisdom. This course is for the one who likes a clear body of work to study & integrate, and wants to share with likeminded souls. If you are looking for solo 1:1 work with Sarah, go to this page.

We start the 19th of August & end the 29th of September. 

Download the full timetable hier doen

Structure of the Training

You receive the teachings the saturday before our zoom meeting. This gives you plenty of time to dive into the teachings and start on the exercises of that module.

Community Calls:
These community calls are here to share how the teachings land in your personal life. You have time to ask questions, be coached and or share your inspirations with the other participants. 

These calls are structured following the template of the round table, meaning that there is no hierarchy and every person carries unique wisdom that is as worthy as mine (the teacher). 

These calls last +-1 hour. 

This is the program you’ve been waiting for, join now!



The investment includes: 

6x prerecorded teachings

6x Live sessions with Sarah Dous

Lifetime access to the content


Sacred Sound ceremony with guest teacher Elsa Field

Facebook group for connecting & additional support throughout the journey

Pay in full

If you have questions you can reach out to me via email: info@douspardous.com or via private message on instagram: @dous.sarah