Re-awaken your wild, cyclical, soulful self

I hold intimate and powerful 1:1 spaces for women who want to transform their pain into pleasure & soul-purpose

Ways to work with me 1:1

Cyclical Woman mentorship

A 3 – 4 – 6 month container to embrace the Divine Feminine in yourself, with special emphasis on feeling at home in your cyclical body.

The patriarchal demonisation of the feminine has led not only to women being afraid of being fully feminine, but also to 8 in 10 women experiencing heavy pain and discomfort in their body. It is time to claim back your sovereign feminine creative power!

In this long-term private mentorship you receive bespoke guidance, support and access to teachings & meditations to fully reclaim your inner Goddess. 

Holistisch Helen volgens de Wijze Vrouw Traditie

Personalised single sessions to get to the root of your chronic physical pain so you can transform it into pleasure & soul-purpose. 

These single sessions are my low-budget offer to work with me 1:1. 

Online of in mijn praktijk

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