Lifetime Access to Portal of the Dark Goddess

An initiation into the Ancient Feminine Mysteries: Embrace the Death and Rebirth Cycle

Harmonious Integration

These kinds of teachings are ancient and have a long, sad and painful history of oppression, that is why integrating these teachings takes time, gentle care and profound support. 

This is why I created 🖤 The vault of the Dark Goddess 🐉 for you, a bundle of teachings, supportive rituals and more, all divinely guided by the Dark Goddess. 

  1. You’re invited to delve deeper into the realm of the Blood Mysteries; a profound teaching transmission elucidating the Red and White streams of the Menstrual cycle.

2. Transformative ritual that will guide you in prioritising your monthly moments of rest and rejuvenation, nurturing your ability to serve your clients and community from a place of overflow.

3. Music is a powerful conduit for transformation. I’ve often experienced that when words fail, music soothes and helps guide us through the death and rebirth portals that life brings our way. In this video, I share with you how music can help you connect with your inner Dark Goddess and offer a powerful Spotify playlist curated with songs that embody her essence

An Invitation to Continue your Journey

Dark Moon membership

Monthly online gathering where you remember the lost feminine art of rest, rejuvenation & activate the Dark Goddess within.

Within the transformative membership journey, you will to the deepest layers of your femininity & receive radical acceptance for all that you are:


🌹 Say goodbye to the guilt and shame for setting healthy boundaries. 

🌹 Learn how to receive & be received for the totality of who you are as a woman in your relationships & life.  

🌹 Finally listen to the deep intuitive, creative voice inside you and work with the energies of the moon to manifest your soul-gifts on earth with pleasure and epic results

🌹 Connect in circle with like minded women and breathe new life in the Ancient Celtic and Rose Mysteries of the Goddess through personal embodiment

This journey is for the courageous woman who hears the call to reclaim her innate soft power, manifest from a place of abundance and harmony, and embrace the entirety of her feminine essence – both the light and the dark, and aspires to initiate this within her clients.