Upon payment of any program or service provided by Dous, the Client agrees to the Refund and Cancelation Policy and Dous Temple rules. 

Dous Temple rules

In registering for any program and or services (offered through Dous and facilitated by Sarah Dousselaere), I (the Client) agree and honor the teachings and this work. I vow not to copy or share this information beyond the platforms provided by Dous. I know that the curriculum, content and experiential education of this program is intended to be engaged with for my personal development. If I offer any teachings that have been inspired by this program, I will credit Sarah Dousselaere and Dous for the inspiration and insight they have brought me. Before transmitting this information, I will take personal contact with Sarah Dousselaere, so that this is done in transparency and with respect to Sarah Dousselaere’s wisdom and work. 


I also agree to the following Temple Rules, Terms and Conditions:

  • Confidentiality. I agree, and live up to, to keep the knowledge, materials and discussions that take place during this program stays within the confines of the provided structures offered by Dous. Anything that I do share outside of these structures is with full consent of Sarah Dousselaere and any other members included in the program.
  • I am responsible for my own development. I enter this program with the full knowledge that I, and I alone, are responsible for my own development. I vow to take this seriously and do the work. I will not blame anyone, including Sarah Dousselaere as the teacher, if my development does not go as planned. 
  • This is not therapy. I know that Sarah Dousselaere is not a therapist and don’t treat her as such. I am aware that the work we do in this program can be triggering to any past trauma, and am capable to hold myself in those moments, or have a licensed therapist at my disposal to go to in case of severe trauma. I am aware that this program is based on personal wisdom which is not, nor does it replace, medical treatment, therapy, counseling or psychoanalysis.
  •  I am enrolling in this program as a sentient being. I see myself as equal to Sarah Dousselaere and any other participants, if there are multiple participants in this program. I do not place anybody on a pedestal, and honor my own wisdom. I cultivate a loving and kind self-awareness, making this work soft and non-judgemental. Through this program I am weaving and co-creating to a world that is based in kindness and love for self and others. 

  • Responsibility and release of liability: I take full personal responsibility for my choices and behaviors during, and as a result of working with Sarah Dousselaere and Dous. On behalf of myself and my heirs, family members, executors, agents, and assigns, I forever release Sarah Dousselaere, DousPardous and all current and former officers, directors, employees, agents, investors, attorneys, shareholders, administrators, affiliates and insurers, as well as predecessor and successor corporations and assigns (collectively, the “Releasees”) from, and agrees not to sue Sarah Dousselaere, DousPardous, and all involved concerning, or in any manner to institute, prosecute, or pursue, any claim, complaint, charge, duty, obligation, demand, or cause of action relating to any matters of any kind, whether presently known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, that I may possess against any of the Releasees arising from any omissions, acts, facts, or damages that may occur as a result of my participation under this Agreement, and in particular without limitation from any physical, or psychological impact that results from my participation in this apprenticeship, class, course or education program as well as any claim for failure of Sarah Dousselaere or DousPardous to produce the results I seek.

Refund and Cancelation Policy

No refunds will be offered in connection with the programs and/or services of the Company (Dous). Serious reasons as to why the client was unable to participate in the program and/or event will be taken into account. In those cases the Company may offer you to  either use the bought ticket for another program and/or event or offer it to a friend.

In the event of cancellation or early termination of participation in programs and/or services provided by the Company, the Client agrees to pay the Total Payment Amount, and/or the rest of the Total Payment Amount in case of payment plans. If the Client does not participate in the program and/or the services provided by the Company, these sessions will be forfeited. 


The Company has the right to terminate participation of the Client at any time.  In the event that the Company terminates this Agreement, the Company agrees the Client is not obligated to make any remaining payments for Services not yet provided.