Wise Woman Rising

A seven week transformational training to activate
your inner
Celtic Medicine Woman

Living with the wisdom of native plants and in harmony with the natural rhythms of the earth and our bodies is truly the only way humans knew how to live. 

Sadly, with the industrial revolution, this native nature-based way of living was transformed into a machine-way of living. Nowadays people are asked to always be ‘ON’. The Earth and her peoples/animals need to produce, with no regards to true health and wealth. Burn-out, oppression, depletion and climate disasters are all too common. 

In the spiritual “health” communities healing is often outsourced to the “outside”. People believe that to find true healing they need to travel far and wide for powerful healing plants that only grow in the rainforest or receive earth-based spirituality teachings… This is not true. 

Our bodies need herbal medicine that grows on the land where we live.

Our hearts long to restore the ancient earth-based spirituality from our own lineage.

This is what the Celtic Wise Woman tradition awakens in us.

“All the medicine you need is right under your feet, all you need is to learn how to look.”
Sarah Dous

Do you recognise yourself in any of these statements?

  • You have been on the spiritual awakening path for a while, maybe you’ve travelled to South America, know a little about ayurveda or have done Lakota-tribe ceremonies. But you feel that something is missing… These spiritual lineages are nice and a hell of an improvement over the patriarchal religions, but they don’t really feel like home… 

  • You struggle with chronic pain but the doctors don’t look at the root of your problem and only prescribe medications that you don’t really want to take…
    Now you are on a quest to inform yourself about holistic healing methods so you can go to the root of your problem & heal it yourself.

  • You have been to (a) holistic healer(s) and have seen positive results. You are now ready to cut out the middleman and become your own healer – learning about herbal healing calls to your soul.

  • You are angry at the way the world is run, how the politicians keep making the same mistakes. You’ve tried to break the system – but feel like whatever you do, it just won’t budge and you end up depleting your own energy.
    However you’ve come to the insight that real change happens from the inside out, so instead of trying to break the system you want to grow the new system through your own way of living. But you’re not quite sure how to do this…

  • You are a mother/woman that uses some of grandma’s methods to heal your children or loved ones when they are sick, but still feel some fear around this “I’m I doing it right?” “Don’t the doctors who seem to find these methods ridiculous know best?” 

If so, then Wise Woman Rising might be the thing you are looking for! 

In this 7 week training you’ll learn:

  • How to recognise the healing herbs that grow on your land & how to prepare folk medicine that is safe to use for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest member of your family.

  • To breathe new life in the ancient Celtic Druidic spiritual lineage. I will show you that you don’t need to travel the world to find an Earth based spirituality, it’s right here under your feet! You activate the Celtic Druidic codes in your bloodline & DNA. 

  • How to heal & alchemise the Witch wound so you stand proud in your divine feminine wisdom. You will do the great work of healing the Wise Woman lineage for all our daughters to come. 

  • To activate the healer pillar of the Priestess path.

  • Be a co-creator of the new earth. You will be a wayshower for humanity; teaching others not to oppress but learn to cooperate with all other sentient beings in the web of life – especially those of the plant realm.

  • How to realign your life to Sovereignty & Love; Exit the machine-matrix that is feeding this never-ending-growth monster. Reclaim your time by harmonising yourself to the universal rhythms of the seasons and your body.

  • How to live in an easy flow: finding harmony between soul-full action & guilt-less rest.

“After working with Sarah I feel better in my skin and more fully like myself. I can now allow myself to be a full woman!” Shauni

Is the Celtic Wise Woman inside of you ready to be awakened?

I struggled with the need for structure and rest. I wanted to find stability in myself, not in something/someone else. But it was hard for me to find it. Through working with Sarah I learned to use the nature that is in me and that moves around me as a source for the structure I so longed for. 

The darker sides of life became more visible and I felt amazingly at home in them. I developed activities that help me to get in touch with this dark side such as colouring, drinking tea, picking and drying herbs, and working in the garden.

One of the most important things I learned from Sarah is to allow myself a context that promotes my sense of wellbeing instead of squeezing myself into a context that doesn’t suit me. I radically chose self-love”

The content of Wise Woman Rising

In module 1 you learn about the Wise Woman tradition & Cyclical Living. 

The Wise Woman Way is a Goddess path; based in the belief that the Great Earth Goddess has provided us with everything we need, if we only learn where to look. In module 1 you’ll learn tools & techniques for how to look. 

Cyclical Living is aligning ourselves with the natural rhythms of the seasons and our body. We rest in winter, grow in spring, blossom in summer, harvest and let go in autumn. This happens on a physical and a metaphysical level. In module 1 you’ll receive insights & tools on how to harmonise your daily life with these rhythms.

In module 2 you reclaim your feminine ancestral heritage of healing. Working with herbal medicine as daily nourishment and healing was basic information passed on from mother to daughter, but with the witch-burnings the thread of wisdom was broken. In this module you repair the thread. 

You will learn about the her-story (history) of the Witch/Wise Woman, and receive a powerful alchemical ceremony to release any fear or pain that is stored in your DNA from the witch-burnings. This ceremony will be led by guest teacher Elsa Field. Check out her work on her website here

Ayurvedic- and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American- and Indigenous African Herbalism is widely known and sought out today. But did you know that Europe had its own long line of earth-based healing methods? The Celtic Druidic lineage was known far and wide for its healing pillar.
In module 3 you will re-awaken this Celtic lineage so we can dismantle the long-overdue colonisation system from the inside out. This happens through cooperation and also through
reclamation of our own pre-Roman earth-based spirituality.   

You will learn about Celtic Herbalism, the Ovates (healer Druids) & healing priestesses of Avalon, ethical wild-foraging and how to cooperate with plants as our wise elders for your healing. 

In module 4 you receive practical tools and recipes to make your own Herbal Apothecary and/or herbal medicine garden. You actively reclaim the power of female healing methods, which are often ridiculed by modern science but prove to be the most healthy and wholesome way of living with respect and deep connection with the full web of life (ecosystem). 

You will receive recipes, information about folk medicine, witch/priestess-rituals to craft your medicine with the greatest devotion, and thus the most effective results and epic herbal-based self-care practices. 

Brigid is one of the most important Celtic Goddesses of Healing. In this module you journey with Her; you learn how to invoke her Healing presence during medicine making and/or tending to your medicine garden. 

You learn about the Celtic Medicine Wheel that I designed myself, based on Brigid’s teachings, Celtic Herbalism & Womb Wisdom. 

The closing ceremony will end this powerful training, and it simultaneously will initiate you into a new beginning: Ceremony to become a Celtic Medicine Woman.

Meet your guide & Wise Woman Wisdom Keeper

Sarah Dous is an experienced social worker, herbalist  reviving indigenous Celtic herbalism, massage therapist & priestess of the Avalon Rose lineage and Sacred Sound. She coaches and leads programs for women to empower them to live a life rooted in body & earth pleasure and soul-purpose.

Her mission is to reawaken the wild cyclical ways of our earth, body and soul, because she believes that doing this will restore harmony to earth & make the Garden of Eden reality instead of a myth. 

If you want to read Sarah’s personal transformation story, you can do so here

“Sarah guides women with absolute devotion, firmly but ever so gently carrying the group with her incredible knowledge and guiding us. She helps you tap into your Deep Feminine power and inner Wisdom with such a natural ease. You get so much out of working with her. Thank you so much!”


Wise Woman Rising is a live course based on interactive masterclasses and extra solo study work. Sarah creates a fun and instructive environment where you can receive all the Wise Woman teachings. There will also be room to share with other students who are on the same path of reclaiming the Divine Feminine wisdom. This course is for the one who likes a clear body of work to study & integrate, and also wants to share with other students. If you are looking for solo 1:1 work with Sarah, go to this page.

We start the 24th of June & end the 5th of August. 

Download the full timetable here

Structure of the Calls

The calls will take about 2 hours. 

  • Opening, casting the circle. 
  • Sharing circle
    • Intentions and/or how did the content land in your life? 
  • 90min/110min Masterclass teaching 
    • With a tend-to-your-body-break in the middle 
  • Q&A

  • Closing down the circle 

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6x Live sessions with Sarah Dous

Lifetime access to the content

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Sacred Sound ceremony with guest teacher Elsa Field

Facebook group for connecting & additional support throughout the journey

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If you have questions you can reach out to me via email: info@douspardous.com or via private message on instagram: @dous.sarah