Womb Awakening

Awaken your full feminine radiance in these personalised womb healing sessions. 

With Sarah Dous 

Step into the transformative world of feminine embodiment, where tailored support awaits to awaken the radiant essence within you!

I specialise in holistic Womb Awakening sessions that harmonise your feminine body, elevate emotional well-being, and nurture overall wellness. If you’re a soulful entrepreneur who knows that a thriving body is the key to a thriving soulbiz and life, these sessions are designed for you.

Together, we’ll anchor your divine feminine essence, empowering you to radiate brilliance and embody the powerful female leader the world needs today.





Unlock the profound connection with your Womb

By delving into the depths of your creative self, a sacred descent often tainted by patriarchal religions that falsely portray it as a place of fear and suffering, but in truth, the deep dark void of your femininity, your womb, is a wellspring of creativity and fertility, holding the power to birth new life, projects, and facilitate incredible regeneration; in these transformative sessions, you will be guided to reclaim this forgotten feminine power, heal intergenerational trauma, and restore the empowering legacy to your female lineage, for yourself and generations of women to come.

You are the medicine

My mission is to empower your sovereignty. Unlike many doctors and healers who dictate what you should do, I take a different approach. I firmly believe that your womb (space) already communicates her needs with you; all you require are the tools to interpret her signs.

The power of transformation lies within you. As your guide, I’ll pose the right questions and equip you with the tools to listen to your body, enhance your intuition, and transmute pain into pleasure. Embrace this journey of self-discovery, for it leads to the liberation of your true essence.

Meet your guide; Sarah

At the heart of my mission lies a profound desire: to guide women on a journey back to their innate rhythm, one that harmonises with the cyclical rhythms of their body and the natural world surrounding them.

As a coach, massage therapist and Womb Healer I’ve witnessed and supported countless women rediscover their true essence, delving into the depths of their being. In doing so, they unlock a wellspring of empowerment, igniting a life rooted in endless pleasure and soul-purpose. 

Together, let us embark on this sacred path of Womb Awakening, as you embrace the beauty of your cyclical nature and unleash the radiant power within you. Your journey awaits, and I’ll be here every step of the way, supporting you in aligning with the wisdom of your body and nature itself. Welcome to a life of profound transformation and fulfilment!

Before working with Sarah, I saw my body as an object with hormonal problems that prevented me from achieving the worldly goals I was striving for. I would suffer two weeks from the month from anxiety. 

In the sessions I learned to choose radically for myself and to empathise with my body by listening to its signals, recognise, respect and honour her. 

Today I can look at my ‘problem’ and move around it like water, instead of fighting it. I regained the distance between myself and my feelings and restarted a grounding process that I had lost somewhere along the way.

Above all, I found playfulness in myself again and a depth in life that gives me a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm.


I wanted to explore the topics of embodiment, the feminine way, connection to pleasure etc. Now I’ve worked with Sarah I feel more confident on my journey of connecting more deeply to my body and especially my womb space.

Sarah is an enthusiastic facilitator, she has so much passion for those topics and gives good energy. I was pleasantly surprised how well-structured the 1:1 session was. Sarah leads it with confidence, it feels very relaxed and at the same time highly effective. I loved the energetic roots meditation at the beginning of the session, it really helped me to get into the present moment and I intend to keep practicing it several times a week for grounding.


Personalised 1:1 Womb Awakening sessions

In-person Womb Awakening

Beernem, Belgium

In a ceremonial session of in-person Womb Awakening, as a Medicine Woman, Priestess and massage therapist, I lovingly employ an array of empowering modalities to nurture your body and soul with heartfelt devotion and hands-on bodywork designed to nourish your body and soul. 

  • Womb Healing Massage 
  • Somatic Womb Grid Work 
  • Wise Woman Herbalism 
  • Transpersonal Feminine Archetypal Therapy 
  • Sound Healing 

60 min: €60

90 min: €80 

Virtual Womb Awakening

Journey into the virtual realms, where you can connect with me intimately from the comfort of your own room! In these transformative sessions, I will guide you on a ritual descent into your womb (space), unlocking its profound wisdom codes and revealing its dreams to empower you.

Together, we will release intergenerational trauma, strengthen your womb grid, and support you in embracing the radiant essence of your divine feminine embodiment. Let us embark on this sacred path of healing and empowerment, igniting the luminous power within you.

  • Somatic womb grid work 
  • Transpersonal Feminine Archetypal Therapy 
  • Pelvic floor mapping 
  • Shadow work 
  • Soul channelling 
  • Wise Woman Herbalism 
  • Tailor made self-care practices you can perform afterwards

60 min: €60

90 min: €80 

How to know if these powerful transformative sessions are for you?

These empowering sessions are tailored to embrace your journey if you seek harmony within your feminine body, transitioning into menopause, or yearning to liberate from chemical contraceptives; whether you are a newcomer on your spiritual path or an experienced traveller, these sessions are designed for those eager to delve into inner work, explore the Goddess and feminine archetypes within, while receiving compassionate and steadfast support from someone with a decade of personal Womb Awakening experience and a five-year history of guiding countless women on their transformative journeys.

It would be my honour to hold you in your power and assist you on your spiralling journey back to Feminine Radiance, 

Love, Sarah 

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