Heal your Body
Strengthen your connection with Nature
Awaken your full potential

Do you desire to find calmth & peace within you?

Are you ready to work with your physical pain on a holistic level & awaken the full potential of your body?

Do you have love for nature and want to work with healing herbs?

Then you are in the right place, and ready to reclaim your inner wise women/men 

Hi, I’m Sarah


Nature and body centered coach

Priestess of the Avalon Rose lineage 

Massage Therapist

I am passionate about seeing you as your most awakened self. Because I am convinced that if we live based in pleasure, we are more healthy and connected to the natural world.
As within, so without.

Happy, Healthy people make a Healthy world. 

For this I blend ancient wisdom with modern science to create a full pallet of health care for your body & soul. 

I have my roots in social work, I’ve studied and worked on the field for 4 years, there I gained a lot of experience in coaching groups and individuals. 

Next to my studies and work in the social field, I trained as a herbalist, a massage therapist, keeper of the moon mysteries (the moon and menstrual cycle) and a Priestess of the Rose Lineage. 

Free Meditation for you

Connect with your inner Knowing through soft and deep guidance of
my voice.

In this guided meditation you will dive deep inside yourself to connect to the version of you that is Healthy and fully Awakened. 

Afterwards you will be led to create a soul-based action plan that will allow you to truly manifest your soul gifts that long to come to light.

Work with me 1:1

Break free from the action-driven way of living that is depleting us.  

Come back to your true self; Follow the natural rhythms of your body and nature based on action ànd rest, so you can open up to your deepest layers, rooted in rest, pleasure and soul-purpose. 

For Her & Him.

Women’s circles 

Take your place among your sisters and awaken your full potential.

Because we rise together.

Welcome to the Cyclical Living podcast, a podcast that will inspire & empower you to live your full cyclical, soulful life.


Sarah brings sobriety to the hustle and bustle of the world.


I can always go to Sarah for a multitude of information about our cycle as well as about how we can be a woman and especially are allowed to be a woman. How you can behave, how you can feel good in your own skin and how you can be fully yourself. In just a few minutes, I already received many tips and information that helped me quickly to move forward.


When I started coaching with Sarah, I saw my body and the way it functions primarily as a problem. There could be no such thing as a bad day. Let’s get on with it. During the coaching with Sarah I learned to choose radically for myself and to empathize with my body and to listen better to its signals. Today I can look at my ‘problem’ and move around it like water, instead of fighting it. Above all, I found the playfulness in myself again and a depth in life that has already given me a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm.