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of our Earth, Body and Soul 

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What is Cyclical Living?

Cyclical Living is stepping out of the fast-paced way of living that causes stress, illness and depletion to the earth. 

What if I told you that you were never meant to keep up with this ridiculous pace?

Cyclical Living brings the wisdom of our ancestors who lived with the earth into the modern world; it teaches us to slow down and harmonise with the natural action ànd rest cycles of the seasons and our body. 

Doing this will transform your life from pain to pleasure and soul-based living, and ultimately have a positive ripple effect on the earth.

Listen to the Cyclical Living podcast

I am dedicated to bring Cyclical Living back into the mainstream. That is why I created the Cyclical Living podcast;
A free offer that will inspire & empower you to live your full, cyclical, soulful life! 

In these episodes I hold nothing back from my wisdom & invite like minded individuals to share theirs with you.


Hi, I am Sarah Dous

I am an experienced social worker, herbalist reviving indigenous Celtic herbalism, massage therapist & priestess of the Avalon Rose lineage and Sacred Sound. I coach and lead programs for women to empower them to live a life rooted in body & earth pleasure and soul-purpose.

I’ve seen it time and time again, when people harmonise with the natural wild rhythm of nature & their body it empowers them to live a life rooted in pleasure and soul-purpose.

Work with me ↓ 

Wild Rose Mystery School offerings

Wise Woman Rising, an self-paced online training

Activate your inner Medicine Woman: A 7-Week Journey of Intuitive Celtic Herbal medicine, Womb Awakening, and Empowerment

Womb Awakening facilitator Training

Heel jezelf, sta in je kracht als vrouwelijke leider en ondersteun anderen in hun pad naar baarmoederontwaking. 

Only in available in Dutch.

Womb Healing Massage 

Experience the nurturing touch and support that will help you reconnect with your feminine body and embrace a more holistic approach to your health and well-being. 

“After working with me you will feel the depths of pleasure that your cyclical body holds & experience the extent of soft power of what your soul can manifest.” 


What previous clients have said about me

“Sarah is thé person if you need tips and tricks to make your life more pure and more connected to your cycles.” 

– Laura 

“Sarah’s teachings are spiritual yet grounded in the physical, our bodies and the earth.”

– Michelle Keiser

“Sarah helps you dive deep into your feminine power and inner wisdom with such natural ease.”

– Renate Degrave

“When I started coaching with Sarah, I saw my body and the way it functions mainly as a problem. As an object with hormonal problems that prevented me from achieving the worldly goals I was pursuing.

During coaching with Sarah, I chose self-love. I learned to make choices in the function of what is good for me & to empathise with my body by listening better to its signals. I learned to see, acknowledge, respect and honour her again.

Now I can recognise and appreciate the feminine qualities in myself. The darker sides of life are no longer scary and I have the necessary tools to help me through them. 

Above all, what I carry with me from coaching with Sarah is the fun and light-heartedness it set in motion in my life. I am sure I will carry this journey with me for much longer than just the three months we spent together.” 

– Bauke

“Before working with Sarah I was on the pill and struggling with some depressive tendencies, with Sarah’s coaching I found another solution that works for me and allowed me to quit the pill.

Now my joy has returned, my sadness is deeper at times but it is honest and even that feels good. I feel much more like myself and I can feel the intense happiness for my life.”  

– Shauni

“I wanted to explore the topics of embodiment, the feminine way, connection to pleasure etc. Now I’ve worked with Sarah I feel more confident on my journey of connecting more deeply to my body and especially my womb space. Sarah is an enthusiastic facilitator, she has so much passion for those topics and gives good energy. I was pleasantly surprised how well-structured the 1:1 session was. Sarah leads it with confidence, it feels very relaxed and at the same time highly effective. I loved the energetic roots meditation at the beginning of the session, it really helped me to get into the present moment and I intend to keep practicing it several times a week for grounding.” 

– Eva

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