Episode 8

Coming back to the vibration of Love with Angie Twydall

In this episode we speak with Angie Twydall, a Therapist, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Doula, Beekeeper and Priestess with over 20 years of healing experience. She blends together the combination of practical and grounded experiences in the working world, together with a magical, liminal life of living in the wilds of Exmoor, England.

Topics that come up are: 

  • Remembering the Cycles of Womanhood: Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone

  • Reclaiming menopause as transition into your full, free, self & fully honoring the Crone.

  • The life, death and rebirth cycle of Mother Earth, Gaia & how we can navigate feelings of deep despair of the current environmental crisis that we are experiencing.

  • How the Bees are wayshowers of the vibration of Love, and as a Priestess you can hold the same frequency.

  • The healed womb; How transforming personal & collective trauma that is stored in the Womb is the great Work you can do.

  • And more… 


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